Review by Laura Rónai, Fanfare, May/June 2007

"Fortunately for us, Jan Ostrý and the M. Nostitz Quartet have decided to give [these small gems] a new lease on life. They do so with complete conviction and the happy disposition that is so fitting for the music. Each phrase is caressed with loving grace. Even though he is portrayed with a silver instrument inside the CD's booklet, the flutist's instrument has a woody tone, relaxed and liquid, as it should be. The sound is never pushed, metallic, nor brilliant for the sake of being brilliant. Ostrý plays with verve, and is obviously having a great time with his part. The strings share his mood, and provide an equally beautiful framework for his flights of imagination. The alternation between string and flute quartets works perfectly, and one setting serves to rest the ears from the other, creating a pleasing balance."

"It is not everyday that one gets to hear music that one has never heard before—music that immediately captures the ear and makes one sing inside. Even rarer is the opportunity to witness a little­known composer receiving such royal treatment from a group of top-notch musicians."